size guide

Rings Measurement:

How do I know what the ring size is?

  1. Remove one of your rings, with the measurement of the finger for which you want to purchase the new ring, place it on top of a sheet and with a pencil draw the inner circumference of the ring.
  2. With a ruler, measure the diameter of this circumference and now just compare with our sizes.
    Okay, now you have the size of your ring. When in doubt, always choose the following size.

Bracelets measure

How to measure your pulse?

  1. With Tape Measure - Wrap the tape measure around your wrist and note the centimeters.
  2. With Line and Ruler - Wrap the line around your wrist, mark the end of the loop, now the line next to a ruler to measure centimeters.

Okay, now it\'s the size of your wrist.

What is the ideal measurement for your bracelet?
To place your order, we recommend that you add + 2 centimeters to the value obtained from the size of your wrist. If you are in doubt between two sizes, if you prefer the tighter bracelet, you should choose the smaller one. If you prefer the wider bracelet, choose the larger bracelet number.